“Citizenship is a tough occupation which obliges the citizen to make his own informed opinion and stand by it.”
― Martha Gellhorn

Dear Readers and Writers,

We’ll be voting on election day — November 6 — and we want to encourage our friends and readers to join us. We’ll be using the hashtag #BOOKtheVOTE on Friday, September 21 to urge folks to register to vote, and again on the morning of November 6 to help remind readers and friends to get to the polls. Please join us!

If you aren’t yet registered to vote, information on how to do so for every state is on this U.S. government website.

Published writers, please add your names to this Get Out the Vote effort by adding yourself to the coordinating email list for writers through this link, and Meg Waite Clayton will get you added to the list in the sidebar.

If you are NOT a published writer but would like to join us, please add yourself to the coordinating email list for other supporters through this link. We would love to include anyone who wants to participate!


Meg, Michael, Karen, Alex, Sara, Kristin, Elin, Jamie, Tayari, Christina, Kaira, Ayelet, Meg … and a whole lot more

P.S. If you’re seeing this on a phone, you can see the entire list of writers by clicking on the menu button. And please email Meg with any questions or inquiries.